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Enterprise mobility Platform-as-a-Service for mobilizing business processes, workflows, tasks, reports, databases & custom applications.

enterprise mobility platform

Enterprise Mobility Platform-as-a-Service

Build, deploy & manage enterprise mobile apps

mficient Is a cloud based Enterprise Mobility Platform-as-a-Service with powerful tools to rapidly build, integrate, deploy and manage data driven B2E (Business-to-Employee) mobile apps for mobilizing business processes, workflows, tasks, reports, databases & custom applications. The platform enables apps to be securely integrated with virtually any enterprise backend system. Since the platform is cloud based, it eliminates the requirement of installing any additional on-premises hardware, software, storage or network for deploying your enterprise mobility strategy. The apps can then be easily accessed by mobile users using the ‘mFicient’ app.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy Rapid Deployment

Rapid Mobility Deployment

Implement your enterprise mobility strategy faster

The mficient enterprise mobility platform is packed with features to speed up the deployment of your business processes and workflows on mobile devices. Powerful user, device & app management, rapid development tools, easy backend data integration, single sign-on integration with Active Directory (LDAP), no requirement of complicated hardware or software installation etc, are some of the features that drastically reduces the time & resources required to implement your enterprise mobility strategy.

Data-Driven Apps Made Easy

Access real-time business data on your mobile device

Development of data driven mobile apps is highly simplified with mficient enterprise mobility platform. Backend integration of these apps with a large range of enterprise data sources becomes easier and faster with built-in popular industry standard data connectors viz. WSDL-SOAP, SQL, OData, REST, XML-RPC & ODBC etc. User friendly and intuitive GUI for configuration of data connectors and commands, eliminates the need of writing any code.

Enterprise Mobility Backend Data Integration
secure connection to enterprise data behind firewall

Secure Connection to Enterprise Data

Secure access to data sources behind firewall or in the cloud

Mobile apps built using mficient enterprise mobility platform can connect to data sources in cloud as well as behind the enterprise firewall with minimum effort and maximum security. Your enterprise network requires neither any static IP address nor dynamic DNS for this. Since a SSL connection with proprietary tunnel protocol is created between mficient enterprise mobility platform Data Agent (installed inside the enterprise) and Cloud Server, the need for opening any additional inbound port on firewall is also eliminated. This not only cuts down unnecessary vulnerabilities, but also eliminates the need for expensive VPN.

Manage Users, Groups & Devices

Total control on user and device permissions

mficient enterprise mobility platform’s control panel allows you to define and manage individual and group-level policies. You can manage the security and information access rights from anywhere at any time. With a single click, you can add a new user, remove or block any existing user, manage group membership, allow or block any user mobile device, manage app permissions for any user or user group etc.

manage users, groups and device permissions
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Build Once, Run Anywhere

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) enabled apps

Mobile apps built using mficient enterprise mobility platform can be accessed by authenticated users with required permissions on their verified mobile devices. The apps are run inside the container mficient mobile app that can be downloaded freely from the respective device App Store. The enterprise mobility apps and their updates can be published to user mobile devices within minutes without requiring any user action. This makes mficient a BYOD ready platform.

More Than Just Apps

Work more... Work faster... Work better...

Mobile apps built using mficient enterprise mobility platform can take full advantage of native device capabilities viz. GPS, Camera etc. Features like capturing user location and barcode scanning can be added to apps without writing any code. mficient also comes with a secure enterprise messenger, and a push notification platform, that can drastically improve the internal communication of your organization.

do more with enterprise mobility
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