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mficient [em·fi·cient] – mobile efficient… more efficient…

what is enterprise mobility platform

What is mficient

Enterprise mobility platform-as-a-service to rapidly build, integrate, deploy and effectively manage your enterprise mobility strategy.

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how it works

How mficient Works

Securely build, deploy, consume and manage real-time data driven enterprise mobile apps, visualization and dashboards for your business.

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why use mficient

Why mficient

Reduced barrier for implementing your enterprise mobility strategy, so that you can focus on your business and leave mobility matters to us.

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mficient applications

mficient Applications

Industry specific and business function specific enterprise mobility applications for your business, limited only by your imagination!

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Easier, faster, scalable, secure & cost effective enterprise mobility platform for your business.
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Rapid Development
Enterprise mobile apps in minutes without any coding.
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Easy Integration
Integrate apps with wide range of data sources.
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Rapid Deployment
Deploy your enterprise mobility strategy faster.
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Manage & Monitor
Manage apps, users, mobile devices, policies and data.
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Mobility Security
Strong security minimizes risk of corporate data loss.
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Flexible & Scalable
Scalable & flexible platform adapts to business growth.
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Use Native Features
Create powerful apps that access native device features.
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Enterprise Messenger
Stay in touch with co-workers from anywhere.
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