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Rapid development tools for quick & code free creation of apps to deploy your enterprise mobility strategy faster.

Enterprise Mobility Platform with Rapid Development Tool

Build Apps Online

Powerful cloud based IDE

mficient enterprise mobility platform includes a powerful cloud based Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It runs on any popular browser and saves you the time to download, install & configure a desktop IDE. This rapid development tool not only enables you to get started quickly, but also provides you with the flexibility of building, editing & maintaining your apps securely from any computer from anywhere.

Code-Free App Development

Visual Integrated Development Environment

The visual IDE comes with a range of rich & reusable drag-and-drop UI components. They can be used as is or customized as per your requirement without writing any code, to help you in rapid development of apps. The visual IDE allows you to build powerful data-driven form based apps, dashboards etc in just minutes.

Rapid Development with Visual IDE - Code-Free App Creation
Build Once, Run Anywhere - BYOD enabled apps for enterprise mobility

Build Once, Run Anywhere

BYOD enabled apps

Apps built in mficient are cross-platform. This speeds up enterprise mobility deployment by saving you valuable time & cost of creating and maintaining the required infrastructure and competency for development & maintenance of apps for multiple mobile platforms in your enterprise.

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