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drag-and-drop visual IDE for mobile app

Build Powerful Data-Driven Apps

Browser based visual integrated development environment

mficient enterprise mobility platform’s cloud based visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) eliminates the need to install any desktop software as well as the need to learn different programming languages for multiple mobile platforms. We have made it easy for you. The visual IDE comes with a range of reusable and customizable cross-platform UI components. These drag-and-drop components help you build apps faster without writing any code. Integration with heterogenous backend systems is drastically simplified by codeless configuration of built-in data connectors for SQL, WSDL-SOAP, OData, REST, XML-RPC & ODBC etc, and visual data query builder.

Rapid App Deployment

Securely publish apps to user mobile devices

Using mficient‘s control panel, publishing and deploying business apps to mobile devices of your workforce is just a matter of few mouse clicks. Apps are securely pushed to authorized user mobile devices without the need for any action by the user. Un-publishing any app is equally simple and easy. Integrated version control not only ensures that all mobile users have the same version of any particular app but also allows you to withdraw and replace the currently published version of a particular app with a previously published stable version at any time. mficient control panel gives you full control over which user mobile devices have the permission to use any particular app.

Rapid Deployment of Enterprise Mobile Apps
Enterprise mobility secure container app

Secure Client for Your Apps

Run your apps securely on mobile devices

Apps built and published using mficient enterprise mobility platform can be accessed by authenticated users with required permissions on their verified mobile devices. The apps are run inside the secure container mficient mobile app that can be downloaded freely from the respective device App Store. The enterprise mobility apps and their updates can be published to user mobile devices within minutes without requiring any action by the user.

Manage Enterprise Mobility

Manage apps, users, devices, data & policies

mficient enterprise mobility platform’s control panel has a range of enterprise mobility management tools that allows you to manage apps, users, mobile devices as well as define and manage individual or group-level policies. You can manage the security and information access rights from anywhere at any time. With a single click, you can add a new user, remove or block any existing user, manage group membership, allow or block any user mobile device, manage app permissions for any user or user group etc.

Enterprise mobility management
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