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Secure mobile-to-mobile and desktop-to-mobile enterprise messenger for your enterprise.

Real Time Collaboration - Enterprise Messenger

Real Time Collaboration

Stay in touch with co-workers from anywhere

Enterprise mobility is not just about mobile apps. Collaboration & communication between employees is of vital importance for better productivity. mficient comes with built-in enterprise grade instant messenger that provides a reliable & real time mobile-to-mobile as well as desktop-to-mobile messaging platform with scalable connectivity. The enterprise messenger also includes group/network messaging, and a user can be a member of one or more group/network.

Encrypted Instant Messaging

Secure messaging for your business

Security, privacy and confidentiality are the fundamental drivers behind mficient‘s enterprise messenger. End-to-end security is ensured by strongly encrypting all messages before transmitting them over the network. Offline message notifications do not reveal the content of the message, and the actual message can be read by the user only after logging in to mficient.

Encrypted Instant Messaging - Secure messaging for your business
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