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Build data-driven apps in minutes using built-in data connectors for integration with virtually any backend system.

Data-Driven Apps Made Easy - Robust & secure backend integration

Data-Driven Apps Made Easy

Easy, robust & secure backend integration

Secure & robust backend integration of enterprise mobile apps is critical for desired improvement in business productivity competitiveness. However, backend integration always requires more effort than expected. mficient enterprise mobility platform simplifies integration of enterprise mobile apps with heterogenous backend systems. It also takes care of data security and the complexities involved in data transactions over mobile data network in an user transparent manner.

Mobilize Any Enterprise Data

Wide range of data connectors

Build enterprise mobile apps that connect to virtually any backend system, whether it is in the cloud or behind the firewall. mficient drastically simplifies backend integration with built-in data connectors for SQL, WSDL-SOAP, OData, REST, XML-RPC & ODBC etc. Codeless configuration of data connectors and visual data query builder makes development of dynamic data-driven apps, data visualisations and analytics dashboards very easy.

Mobilize Any Enterprise Data - Wide range of data connectors
Optimize backend integration

Optimize Data Network Usage

Build online or occasionally connected apps

mficient offers configurable and secure data caching as well as offline data storage & synchronisation, resulting in optimization of data transactions over the wireless network. This not only improves user experience but also significantly reduces enterprise mobility data cost.

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